Setting Up An Instapage Account and Subdomain

This article walks you through the process of setting up an Instapage account, selecting an account plan, and setting up a subdomain.

We leverage Instapage to create quick-loading sales pages and landing pages outside of your website (on a subdomain).

Click the following link to sign up for an Instapage account and select the monthly Business plan: During the signup process, generate a password that you’re comfortable sharing with our team.

Neomind has reached the Account Members limit with Instapage, so once you have your username and password set up, send this login information to [email protected]

Next, log in to Instapage to set up the subdomain. You will need to access and edit your domain nameserver (DNS) records. DNS records are stored by your domain host.

  • Log in to Instapage and navigate to Domains
  • Click on “Connect Domain”
  • Follow the steps to connect your existing domain and create the subdomain “vip” (if "vip" is already in use, choose another subdomain like "promo" or "go")

The subdomain will take up to 24 hours to populate. Once Instapage lists the subdomain as “verified” or “connected”, the subdomain setup process is complete.